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We have a comprehensive advertising and promotion strategy to help reach collectors and antique buyers. 

Open Seven Days A Week

We are open seven days a week to attract maximum customer traffic. 

Prime Location

Our mural on Las Vegas Blvd. is highly visable and draws curious consumers.  We have a convenient location on the busiest street in Las Vegas.


We have a trained professional staff that regularly monitors the Antique Mall of America.


Events are held to help promote and attract potential shoppers. Check out our calendars of events page to see what is happening next. 

Customer Service

Our friendly staff helps the customers & booth owners with any questions they may have as well as facilitate sales.

Customizable Booths

Choose from a variety of booths to fit your inventory needs.

Fee Schedule

Booth rentals and glass cases vary. 

Dealer Sale Reports

Get a printout of your current sales upon your request.

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Becoming A Dealer At Antique Mall Of America

Call for a dealer application.


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